Such - a - Phantom - in - Our - Head

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Hi buddy, how ya doin? was your life? It was too Long time no see u….
May those will be the first things that we gonna say to them, the beloved person that always come mix  us, accompany us in our happiness or something else we got used to call it as sadness,,,,,

Hi buddy,just listen to me a second, I have nothing to say when all of this gone to the end of story,  it has going too fast when yesterday we saw them around of us,  today they smile and cry with us, but tomorrow?? Even I don’t know how to answer it when you keep asking me about it, may I’d rather melt away in the summer air,,, trust me this was the hardest part we can’t figure it out, only matter of time figured in our mind…..

This not about sad ending story that you could find it in any drama or tv series,  this is not about my story or your story I wrote here, this all about the emptiness that sometimes feels so deadly to fooling around.  It was insist to force us remembering our  fear, such a freaking phantom in our mind, keep forcing us in the one direction. Even I didn’t know what kind of that direction really was.

Can you see a phantom? Can you feel it? No buddy,,,I though the real phantom was in our mind. Then phantom that made us scared with what we gonna do in the future, it tied our feet, made us overcome by the weight of the mud.

Our fear for what happen in the future just make the time grows older, we shouldn’t take an effort just washing our time by thinking of this worthless thing. All the thing we need is facing a fear with no fear on our face, just imagine you’re climbing on the top of hill,  from the darkness of the mountain we come with our hand was a torch,  just didn’t know nothing only step aside till the light come trough a crack in the wall.

So,,would you like to let your future sink in??? hey,,wake up buddy!!!!  world is waiting us,,,,come!!!!

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