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Caution! before we get too far, I warn you that this article is intended to those who maybe a bit intimidated by single phenomenon, also it may contains hard languages. stay away from the kids, take a deep breath, and enjoy your muffin whilst reading. 
            Hello I’m Arrusmani and this is my 3rd article in English, well our topic today is about how to get Indonesian girls, I bet this’s gonna be quite interesting topic for those who seek for life partner or just an acquaintance. But before we get too far, honestly I should propose you a question: are you in purpose of having sexual orientation? If your answer is definitely “NO” I will gladly go inform you that you are about hitting the jackpot , and if your answer is “YES” this means you are in a wrong way. you should make up your mind and realize that Indonesian girls (maybe a host of Asian girls) obviously quite different than western nor european girl. the religion rules strongly tied them up, I mean they got grounded at this point, I don’t mean to do a little comparison among Indonesian girls and another girls in the different part of this world, but the main point of this part is religion plays its important role to build their character and attitude, so if in your own country you could easily get “one night girls” by eye winking (you know what I mean), I bet you will get a tough slap if you dare to do that stuff. Alright, enough for this holy crap, no more f*cking around, let’s go through the main points, shall we:

You can easily find them through social networking stuff such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Line, or Wechat maybe for those who become accustomed with smartphone. hell ya it’s 21th century, dude! If you didn’t get used to use smartphone I strongly recommend you to go back through the stone age, that must be better for you, oh I’m just saying, don’t take it personally lol.

Well, as the data issued by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) in 2015, social networking are dominated by facebook with 1.44 billion people joining facebook each month, and Indonesia belongs to country with world largest facebook user predicate (if I’m not mistaken, yeah you could find the accurate source out on google). At this point you can “enslave” the social media to get more closer toward them. A little tricky way to be done when you know nothing at first: put the name of famous Indonesian girls on social networking searching tab then go find them, here are the clues: Sandra, dewi, sintia, tukiyem, markonah, markonip and for more unique names you can google it using this keyword “Indonesian cutest female baby name” you will find much I guess.

Go to their country (if probably can) and visit Indonesian heritages such as world largest temple “Borobudur”, Prambanan Temple, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Pink b*tch (oh my goodness I swear it was just a typing error, I mean beach), Green Canyon, and another public place such a pub maybe.

Thing you also have to know that BULE (Blue Eyes) is a common proper term being used to call you, yes you are! (foreign citizenship). a host of girls here (in my narrow point of view) will start becoming extremely insane when they meet stranger from another country. For them, stranger (BULE) means a cool, oddly (umm perhaps so), and interesting person. they will ask you to take pictures with them and whatever damn stuff they gotta do. BULE also means a suitable one to test their english ability. moreover if you belong to white boy, they will extremely interest in you, so take this perfect chance by being friendly type of personality. Another silly trick that may works properly is giving them your contact after all, such as email, phone number or whatever stuff coming from you, I bet they won’t deny it, and if you are lucky, you would get one. Well done!. oh almost forgot to tell, don’t try to ask for a date at first sight or you will piss them off.
If you don’t want to come over their country, find them in your own.
This point may become a neglected part, because we were not able to find Indonesian girls in whole countries around the world. If you got lucky living in western Europe (Netherlands, Germany etc), north America (US, Canada), middle east asia (Arab, Iraq etc) and Australia then you would easily find them. They could be international student, foreign worker and whoever they wanted to be (ah what the hell are you talking about, dude? shut up and take my money lol). Umm sorry for breaking, but how do we determine between Indonesian girl and other?, simpe!! Here we go to the trick: poke them with their distinctive greetinghey apa kabar?”, yeah sounds so nasty and stupid but it works, dude. Well if you get response such “baik” oh congratulation you hit the jackpot, you already found 2 kinds of girl, 1st kind is Malaysian and the 2nd is our jackpot. After you find the suitable one, you can go refer to trick at point number 2. well I’m done for this article, it cost me more than 2 hours just to write it down, if you have any question just put your comment through comment box below, good luck, and see ya at next article.

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