Miniature horse foal Einstein may be the world's tiniest horse

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Einstein, the little (and we do mean little) foal pictured above, was born Friday at a miniature-horse farm in Barnstead, N.H. At birth, he weighed just 6 pounds and measured 14 inches tall -- tiny even by miniature-horse standards.

Einstein's Lilliputian stature has caused his owner, Rachel Wagner, to speculate that he might be a record-breaker. The current record-holder for smallest horse is Thumbelina, an adult miniature-horse mare who measures just 17 inches tall. (At birth, Thumbelina weighed slightly more than Einstein, but she was also a few inches shorter.) Wagner has submitted paperwork to the Guinness World Records company with a view toward unseating Thumbelina, she told the Concord Monitor.

Judy Smith, who bred Einstein, noted in an interview with the Monitor that the little foal wasn't born prematurely -- in fact, he was actually born a few days after his due date. Smith and her husband breed about 10 to 15 miniature horses a year, and the average foal weighs 18 pounds and measures ೨೧
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